Abu Laith al-Libi

Poetic Epitaph

Saddam's been ready I hear, trailing there

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down younger in the netherworld, waiting

for you Abu Laith, readying a big bash, with

lots of whores, hard liquor and brass.

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They say you worked ambitious for Allah, up

here, on earth, bloodshed and robbing,

rapping and all sorts of bad belongings...

things that would breed a those ears

ring, all in the heading of Allah!

Now it's simply, a gravy train, all you

got to do, is insight Allah, beforehand the

devil-for it seems to me, He's also

been ready for you.

#2201 1-31-2008

Obama vs. Hillary

And EK?

Obama, is somehow in a flooding because Sen. Edward Kennedy has put his arm say his shoulder, as if he was an Uncle Tom.

I do not know Obama that well, as far as a diplomatic person, or his views, but I do cognize Edward, and I'd not allow his hands terminated my body part when the camera was looking, Edward is what I would call, a shivery purebred chemical agent. Remember the book, "Dark Waters," by Joyce Otis... here is a guy when the chips get down, runs to a stoma in the soil and similar an ostrich, hides his head, hoping no one saw what he did, or have we all forgot he was culpable for the passing of a early female not so perennial ago. It is resembling having O.J. indorsing me for an unearned PH.D, bury it. I will not be thunderstruck if this psychologically, penetrates in time, his play of black followers, to relocation to Hillary. People swing alliances as alacritous as they changeover conserve for breadstuff. Beware, in that is no consecrated ground, say the Kennedy kinfolk anymore, Camelot is pillaged.

#2202 1-31-2008

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