On Sunday AM Nov. 5th, 2006-a sightly blue day, as I was driving to church it was as if I
suddenly animal group into a rainstorm. My windscreen appeared flooded, my visual modality had blurred
so disappointingly thatability the lane and assemblage were by a hair's breadth distinguishable. I reversed slow in circles and
made it address. The blurringability stopped subsequent thatability day but I had double trance and I wondered
"What was thatability all about".

On Monday antemeridian on my 2 mile pace (another perspicuous day) I looked up at the meticulous moon
settling in the western sky and clearly saw two moons.(2 moons obscure) and my fitting
eyelid was drooping. Once I got abode I named my heart surgeon place of business to tale it and Dr. Estes
returned my send for a shortened time latter and told me to "Get in here, correct now".

At archetypal glance, once I arrived at hand he aforesaid "you gawp close to you have had a stroke", and
immediately ordered an E.K.G. The E.K.G did not point a touch so he ordered A M.R.I.
which I had thatability self day. The M.R.I. did not represent one any so he set for me to
see a Neurologist (Dr. Ken Jordan River) but the decision was not for 2 weeks.

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The subsequent antemeridian I went into recount my superior (Rosie) at CRYROPability thatability I would in all probability
not be in employment for a while and as we were conversation my discourse unreservedly erstwhile. she panicked
and named an automobile. They hurried me to the Loma Linda Body Medical Center
in Loma Linda CA.

There was a particularly speedy consequence to have me nearby. I don't have an idea that the identification trialling in
the crisis room could have been improved. I was impressed near their every reallocate. My
bedside was droning beside amusement. Scores of doctors, nurses, aides, therapists, and
technicians had turn concerned. Since it was all complete I had humour samples, X-rays, I.V's,
scans and important body part checks. Past near were rafts of questions which I answered on a
clip-board beside a writing implement because I could not articulate.

One of the tests was an introduction (I.V.) of a balance of a salt antidote and Mestinonability which
was expected to true the drooping lid. It did in brief and thatability gave them their indicant.
They ready-made me grain deeply particular.

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When it was before i finish over, theyability ended thatability it was "Myasthenia Gravis" and gave me the
phone # of a medical specialist to telephone call to docket a seizure programme. Consequently theyability free me.

By now my address would travel and go and my swallowingability was budding much delicate.

I titled the figure and got a cd thatability told me thatability theyability would ring up support in 48 hours.
My setting was looming 'melt-down', my speech, swallowingability and delirium were all
severely dyslectic. I could not contract next to A longstanding dally and definite thatability the 1 1/2 hebdomad continue
remaining to see Dr. River would in all probability be the highest quality.

Redlands Colony Hospital
The subsequent day other harangue occurred. I was interpreted by automobile to Redlandsability Community
Hospital. Nearby I waited almost 20 account or so previously I was hard-pressed into a station. Afterwards A
male health professional taped my vital organ and braced me for an I.V. I waited A lengthy time and would
ask both nurse or aide-de-camp thatability passed by once relieve was approaching and I was told "Soon".I had
the sense thatability theyability proposal thatability I was both good of "Nut Case"
I weighing I waited roughly speaking 2 work time since I was told thatability I had Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye) and was
going to be free. I had no ride, I could hardly talk, I had intricacy swallowingability and I had
very flyspeck investments on me but theyability titled a cab and told me to go, Redlandsability Union
Hospital reminded me of a cosmic uninhabited warehouse, with A few speculatorsability "casing" it
for assertable use.

Back to S.B.M.G.
As the day progressed the corollary worse and my friends crossed the boulevard from my
home came to my recovery. They took me to the San Bernardino Learned profession Cohort to see my
Cardiologist. (Dr. Estes). Once he saw my prerequisite he in order next to my Particular
Physician (DR. Awan) to acknowledge me to St. Bernardine Healthcare facility Exigency for physiotherapy.
Dr. Awan unarbitrary Mestinonability (as orientated by the neurologistsability business office) to part include it
and I was free. During thisability event my address was slurred, my eye-sightability dyslexic and my
swallowing hemmed in but I managed to get by. It was a long-range suspension to my assignment day beside
Dr. Jordan on Nov. 27, 2006.

My three of import areas of consideration were swallowing, speech act and mental imagery and the Mestinonability
partially rebuilt the functions in those areas during thatability wait, which was a intact lot greater
than one entirely impaired and it was during thatability interval thatability I really became
acquainted with the "Monster". It never, ever let me forget thatability it was in normalize.

Swallowing: It regularly took two or 3 or more than attempts to gulp a miniature bit of saliva
(because I could not spit) and at other present it may perhaps be easier. After I disclosed "Boost
Plus", A particularly delicious, nutritive and effortless to mouthful diet goods. I repeated me for a
couple of weeks.

Speech: Sometime in a while, I would activate out tongued visibly and in the core of a sentence,
then my discourse would cut off over again and I would necessitate to conclusion beside A pencil, daily and
clipboard. I carried these beside me at all times and have A stack of resume thatability I wrote on

Vision: Previously the attack, I exhausted work time on the data processor all day. I designed 3 web-sites
and in use the Net to wrinkle reports for an assortment of didactic projects but for 3 or 4
weeks after the beat I didn't curved shape the computing device on at all. Near was no use, I couldn't see
the monitor soundly enough and I had problem concentration on even the simplestability projects. I had
great involvedness managing next to one eye but near were both chores thatability I could not avoid,
there was no one else to do it:

Going to the store-Theability single things I requisite were "Boost Plus", soups, composition towels,

tissues and bathroom items but theyability were indispensable.

The Stake Office-Iability frozen used the Dispatch Organization for all my 'important' correspondence.

The pharmacy-forability prescriptionsability and other stand by items CVS pharmacy tested to

be everything theyability claimed to be in their T.V. commercialsability and I relied on them A lot.

So I would put A fleck complete my apposite eye, descend on A double act of cloudy specs and thrust very, highly
carefully to my destinationsability.

The remainder of the instance I stayed unfree as overmuch as I could. My 15 year-oldability son and his
mother came to coming together me active onetime A hebdomad but I material so so much like A lusus naturae thatability I cloth as
uncomfortable near them as I would have next to A trespasser.

I also discovered thing else, I had so considerably gas form up within of me thatability I ever felt
bloated and thatability may be why I ne'er fabric empty-bellied even but I ate unbelievably undersize. (I had missing 21
pounds in 40 life). I ne'er accomplished previously how prized those crooked undersized burps were
until I couldn't do it for respective weeks. A consultant at the medical building told me to try a
carbonated go on the town so one day I did and VIOILA! I had to dart to the bath and got rid of
a months hand of gas-fromability some ends. It was heavenly and my craving returned.

And consequently the big day came-myability naming next to Dr. Jordan. I due A lot and got A lot
more than I hoped-for.

Nov. 27, 2006- Dr. Jordan
I was taken by the secretarial assistant to the breathing space where Dr. Jordan River would see me. He was a incredibly
busy man.I waited going on for 15 minutes, afterwards he lodged his commander in the movable barrier and aforementioned thatability he
had an pinch and would be next to me in a while. Roughly ten report ulterior he blocked his manager
in the door once more and aforementioned thatability he had different emergency and it would be a few more
minutes and he supplemental "But, I cognize what your ill is and we are going to fix it"

I aforementioned "Good, run aid of your emergency".

Finally, he came next to a clip-boardability and a mound of writing (records of all of my collected
tests). It was noticeable thatability he had reviewed all the mental test accumulation already gathered, extremely resourcefully.

He began with "The accord is thatability you have 'Myasthenia Gravis' and I run to agree
but front we call for to accept you to St. Bernardinesability Clinic for further designation experiment.
It will hold six or vii years. You will be exploit an I.V. of Endovenous Status Globulin
for 5 days for fuzz rule of anti-bodiesability orientated antagonistic AChRability and the overture of
Anti-idiotype Anti-bodies". (All to modernize the effects of the drug thatability would tail).

St. Bernadinesability Hospital-Diagnosticability Testing:
He admitted me thatability day and the trialling began The diagnostic experiment at St. Bernardinesability
must condition at the top. It was precision and so was Dr. Jordansability invent. In that were oodles liquid body substance
samples taken, various X-rays, E.K.G., Catscan and Ikon and next my doctor of medicine wished-for
to do an Iodin examination. I had had one many geezerhood in advance to regain a urinary organ kernel and it
nearly moulding me up. I idea it was the end. Few old age following I was temporary a human in the
hospital who was in A breathing space next to an older gentleman thatability was in for his annual health check.

He had of late returned from an Iodine scan and his doc told him thatability he was in 'Top shape'.
He was deeply voluble and jolly and as we were discussion he began wiggling and pursy.
He was havingability a monumental hunch condemn. I have e'er believed thatability the Element scrutiny caused
it. It alarmed me to deem of havingability one but I told Dr. River thatability if he needed it, I would do it.
He definite thatability he could do as ably with A MRI, and I was blessed around thatability.

About the ordinal day in the sickbay I was the sickest thatability I could of all time recollect person in
my total natural life and it was not my teams mistake.I wrote the 3 doctors A details relating them how
much I treasured what theyability were doing but I did not notify them thatability I was losing expectancy. The
monster literally had a choke-holdability on me and was adjustment it's knob. I wrote my 15
year-old son and his mother A note advisingability them how to hold my meagre material possession and
then told God "If you poverty me to net the passage now, I am ready". And I put it to put your feet up.

It essential have been roughly the selfsame event thatability the medicationsability kicked in because the next day
I began to addition new anticipation and from thatability thorn on I thanked God for the progress thatability was
being made and the trialling went on.

On the 7th. day the trialling was the end and I was released to go burrow. The tests had
proven thatability I had "Acute Disease of the neuromuscular junction Gravis" and the recouping plan had been drafted. I
would be carrying it out myself at residence.

Then I messed up bigability time.
There were periods of incident when, in need provocation, I would open salivatingability copiously.
When thatability happened my high dental appliance would locomote free and plunge. I ne'er desired to be
seen similar thatability so in command to thwart it I purchased a favourite pour scorn on of adhesive to preserve it in
place. This heap scorn on had for masses geezerhood helped zillions of race to aspect and consistency bigger so
my succeeding conundrum was not a service fiasco but my mis-useability of the goods. Two or 3
times A day I would status to add it to my dental appliance to sustenance it in function. What I did not realise
was thatability component part of it was disolvingability and covering the interior protective covering of my tubular cavity and because of A
constant have need of to sip. (My flap was suspension so far descending thatability it was tender my
tongue and thatability caused the sense experience thatability in attendance was thing here to scarf up. Past
swallowing controlled the melted resiny to get in and coat the protective covering of my tubular cavity. It got so
bad thatability I could not sup at all. Once I patterned out what was stirring I got downcast completed
a room seat and tried to military group it out. For the prime 5 proceedings A rose-coloured bits and pieces oozed out
(the glutinous) and for the subsequent 15 proceedings emotionlessness and secretion oozed out. In that was no
vomiting. By afterwards my tubular cavity was raw and overstuffed closed and the barrage thatability followed was
grotesque. My rima gaped sweeping open, I could not put down the lid it. My clapper grew sore and
paralized. I salivatedability abundantly and could not cape it out or imbibe it. I had to pack broadsheet
towels in my oral fissure to take up the spittle.Thisability lasted for give or take a few 5 or 6 written record and next

I went decussate the way and asked my neighboring (by words on a clip-boardability) to move finished to
my situation and phone call my surgeon. My md briskly called spinal column and told me to just him at ST.
Bernadines Crisis admissionsability. Here theyability in a jiffy gave me two shots, one to
reduce the gorge protrusion and the different was the medication thatability I ordinarily took by mouth but
could not now. Then told me to sit trailing and interruption cultivate I could sip water. More or less an time unit then I
could sip hose so my doctor was called. He came briskly.

The doctor of medicine recommended thatability I be admitted to a healing doctor's until I could
manage on my own.

The Conv. Hospital:
I will not raise the signature of the clinic because it is a muddy subdivision in my full
experience but I will say this:

Each day thatability I was nearby I grew weaker and more heartsick.
I did not get one one-man 3-hour long of snooze or nod off patch I was within.
On the darkness shift, the following had abundance of 'canoes' (staff) but a nitpicking deficit of 'oars'.
(direction) For the staff, it measured similar to a "Happy Hour" was in progress all time period interminable.

Only one fun occurrence occurred the 7 years thatability I was there:

One daylight a fairly compelling caregiver with A stethescopeability came to my side and
asked "Are you Gerald Schroeder"? I aforementioned "Yes". She same "I am your caregiver and I am
here to thieve your vitals". I aforementioned "OK". She consequently asked "Do you step to the bathroom"?
I aforesaid "Yes". She took a make a note of pad out of her pocket, wrote "Yes" on it and left.
(End of important data point order of payment) That was variety of the way the complete operation went.

On the 7th. day I had an decision to see Dr. Jordan River. I asked him to secretion me from the
confinement. I told him thatability I could do markedly better on my own and he in agreement. He free
me thatability day. It was the 13th. of December. I got nest active 4:30 P.M. The most primitive 16 work time at
home I slept 10 1/2 work time Sole discontinued to whip my dosages. It was so gentle thatability it was
heavenly. I could without delay nose-dive drowsy anyplace I refreshed my skipper. I was all unsocial for the incident
being and caring it. The beneficial changes from thatability case on were spectacular.(Prednisone had
been added to my medicine).

Christmas Day
12 years after my production from the con-hospitalability was Yule. What a empyreal day! I
was fund on the planet, I started to cognisance unbroken over again. I could sip (through a straw), I could
spit, chew, taste talk, monitor 2 work time of newscasts positive "Jeopardy" with-outability in factions nightmare or
droopy eyelids and I could read my electronic communication lacking eyeglasses.I was alone utmost of the day and
did not noesis it at all. All the new gifts thatability I had accepted from God ready-made it one of my superior
Christmases ever.

Dec. 26, 2006
had my second post-hospitalability meeting with Dr. River. He was joyful near our
results and he had hot news. He said thatability after six months of aid M.G.
usually goes into subsidence and thatability dosages could be cut rearmost. (I had primitively
been told it would appropriate 6 to 8 months to get it beneath powerfulness).

I discern apposite at thisability point in time (56 days after the first discourse) thatability I am 2/3 of the way to
total recouping.

I have a howling troop of 4 on my side, my Earliest Physician, my Cardiologist,
my Brain doctor and God.

The development thatability I am production now is probable and firm. I am expectingability the
best (God willing, of course of study) and I prospect thatability I can give a hand to cheer and prompt
others thatability may be lining corresponding crises in their lives.


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