In my past article, "Visual C# Express - File Types (5th In A Series)", I discussed the types of files Visual C# generates when you conceive a oversimplified Windows work. However, I restricted the parley to those files generated anterior to the freshman effective tallness of the undertaking.

This piece extends my preceding article, by examining the files created C# Express after you do a C# Express Build.


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Microsoft created an totally new build inferior for Visual Studio 2005 called MSBuild. In at-large when you body-build an complete solution, C# Express invokes MSBuild beside the antidote file as sign. MSBuild after uses the cure file to come across the individual extend beyond files which include XML physique orders.

It is exceedingly remarkable to note, however, that the SimpleWindow3 hang over wallet generated by the C# Express IDE is not standalone; rather, it includes a suggestion to other XML work file, Microsoft.CSharp.targets, typically placed at a lower place the C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NETFramework/ reference work.

But that's not all. Microsoft.CSharp.targets includes yet different insinuation to yet different XML labor file,Microsoft.Common.targets, likewise as usual sited down below the C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NETFramework calendar.

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In restrained of the above rumour we can cerebrate that supreme of how C# Express builds labor/solutions depends on MSBuild; and virtually zilch that MSBuild does is ambitious coded. Rather, MSBuild follows a put up sequence that is mostly tenacious by your (relatively) diminutive extend beyond file, the larger Microsoft.CSharp.targets, and the substantial Microsoft.Common.targets data file. The ultimate instance I checked, Microsoft.Common.targets was more than various cardinal lines of XML. Now, let us understand the files created by MSBuild in a archetypal Windows standing.

Files Created in the SimpleWindow/SimpleWindow/obj/Release Directory

MSBuild creates the subsequent files in the SimpleWindow/SimpleWindow/obj/Release directory:

SimpleWindow.csproj.GenerateResource.Cache is an nonconformist dwarfish wallet created by the GenerateResource Task of MSBuild. The Microsoft certification says for MSBuild calls it a "StateFile" and says it "Specifies the towpath to an optional storage space report nearly new to whiz up dependance checking of links in .resx sign files".

SimpleWindow.Properties.Resources.resources as well is the binary compiled interpretation of the Resources.resx which we deliberate in my second nonfictional prose. Ultimately MSBuild golf course this in beside the compiled versions of the C# files in this product to make a azygos parliament file; so for purposes of this undertaking it is an third-year file.

SimpleWindow.exe is the convention created by MSBuild exploitation the C# compliler (usingt the CSC chore). It contains the contents of SimpleWindow.Properties.Resources.resources and the compiled tabular array of Form1.cs, Form1.Designer.cs, Program.cs, AssemblyInfo.cs, Resources.Designer.cs, and Settings.Designer.cs. This is the executable record produced by this jut out over.

SimpleWindow.pdb supports debugging. According to Microsoft, PDB files "hold debugging and overhang articulate substance that allows incremental linking of a rectify plan of your program". PDB files are created when you modify debugging in the C# compile proecess.

Files Copied to the bin/Debug and bin/Release Directories

Finally, when MSBuild is dressed creating the SimpleWindow.exe congress and connected files, it copies to
SimpleWindow.exe and SimpleWindow.pdb to the SimpleWindow/SimpleWindow/bin/Release directory.

Further Exploration

If you poverty to see much stimulating behavior, hit the F5 key to run the right book of your program later give up the programme and fathom the the SimpleWindow/SimpleWindow/bin/Debug yearbook. Magic - SimpleWindow.exe and SimpleWindow.pdb have been lacking in originality into the SimpleWindow/SimpleWindow/bin/Debug reference book. What controls this? How does Visual C# Express cognize to use this yearbook and wherever to insight the files to convey into this directory? These are engrossing questions for imminent articles.


C# Express builds a encyclopaedia and a set of point files when you prototypic write a Windows petition project, but when you in fact physique the undertaking the MSBuild utility-grade takes complete and creates compiled resource files, computer programme collection leg files, and at last an executable legislative body report (SimpleWindow.exe).


NOTE: I utilised front slaves for sub-directory separators in this nonfictional prose because the publication prevailing conditions does not go to blackslashes.

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